Internships at The Brandon Group, Inc. (TBG) provide students with an excellent opportunity to learn, as well as apply valuable communication and interpersonal professional skills. Interns have the opportunity to learn from the supportive staff in the areas of Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Publishing, Desktop Publishing, and Electronic Publishing. Just a few of the philosophies that TBG Interns are exposed to include: open communication between employees, Interns, and clients; a friendly and professional environment where new ideas are welcomed and encouraged; and a managerial structure in which employees and Interns alike are viewed as instrumental members of our professional staff.

TBG staff members and personal mentors are available to provide learning support and personal guidance. Mentors acclimate Interns to the workplace, provide knowledge and support, and foster independence in order to give Interns the opportunity to take on the role of a professional.

Interns have numerous learning opportunities available to them for exploration throughout the course of their Internship.

  • Interns can take advantage of learning from previously written and laid out documents in order to increase their understanding and knowledge about layout and design, as well as writing for a specific target audience.
  • Multiple Desktop Publishing software programs and reference materials are available to give Interns the opportunity to introduce themselves to and become comfortable with frequently used software.
  • Interns also undertake various project management tasks in which they function as active members in meetings with clients. These meetings can take place at the TBG offices, clients’ offices, or via conference telephone calls.

Actual Intern Testimonials
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