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The Brandon Group, Inc. (TBG) offers web page design as part of our spectrum of publication services. In our approach to web design, what the client feels comfortable with is of utmost importance. And this may be just a bit different than other web design services that you have encountered.

Our kick-off meeting with the client is the most important. This is our groundwork design phase and includes gathering information on such items as the logo, image, mission, graphics, and content that will be displayed on the web site. In that meeting we “get the feel” of how the client wants the web site to electronically represent the company or product, even down to the colors. How much information should be presented and when does it become an overload to the viewer is an important issue which we discuss in detail. In many cases, this may be the first contact and it should excite the viewer into seeking more information and subsequent contact. After our first draft, TBG “fine tunes” the web site design/concept and will make changes according to the client's input.

The TBG difference is that we will not try and push any gimmicks, long loading graphics, or any other distractions that bore and confuse the viewer. This TBG touch is only accomplished by our experience in other areas of publication services that are transferred into your web design. TBG prides itself on client rapport and in giving you what you want.

E-mail: j.fullen@thebrandongroup.com

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